A small verdant paradise

« As we turn a corner on a country lane below shady oaks, we discover a peaceful world where time seems to have always been frozen and where a bell tolls to announce the mealtimes to children playing outside.

A small verdant paradise with awe-inspiring trees, their tops lost in an infinite blue sky, their bases surrounded by sprouting herbs and fragrant flowers, and fruit trees growing towards the rays of the southern sun.

I even found quiet spots, forgotten by time, where somewhere, at night, the nightingale secretly sings his songs of love. »

(From our visitor’s book)

In a few words

Welcome to Le Bosquet, a formerly 18th century silkworm breeding farm!

Today, Le Bosquet is a country estate with spacious holiday flats, where a cozy, familiar atmosphere is awaiting you.

No matter, if you go swimming in the Ardèche river, easily accessible on foot, or stroll through the nearby (3 km) small medieval town of Aubenas, Le Bosquet and our beautiful area, have much to offer!

Marion and Georges Harder.